Saturday, March 26, 2011

Popshot Magazine

So I was contacted by Popshot, this terrific poetry and illustration magazine in the UK to do a piece for their upcoming issue.  They've featured to many great talents, and I knew it was going to be stellar issue, so I said "absolutely".  Jacob Denno (the art director) had let me know that the poem I was to illustrate would be to me soon.  So I waited with baited breath to see what I would get.  The poem that arrived in my inbox, Witch Hazel Song, was a heartbreaking piece on the emotional devastation of child abuse.  Graphic and honest, the poem is nothing if not powerful.  I don't know if I've got permission to print it here, nor am I aware of the specific author yet, so I'll suggest that you pick this issue up if available to you.  Here's the cover, and this is the link to their site.

The piece itself, is less than graphic.  It's difficult to illustrate a concept like this.  If I was too literal, it might feel exploitative.  But if it was too conceptual, I think I'd feel I was shying away from the truth.  So I did my best to come at it straightforward, yet let the colors and expression outline the heartbreak and conflict.


  1. Those eyes make me want to reach out and gather him in my arms. Powerful, heart-rending image.

  2. Heartbreaking. His pain and sadness are intense & come right through...your touches of red capture the chaos of the violence....I'm feeling at a loss for words...i was a child subjected to abuse on every level...i haven't read the poem yet, your work has struck me deeply.