Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Strokes for Rolling Stone

Hey Everyone.  I know it's been awhile, so I'm gonna drop some new work here to catch up.  First off, I've got the new piece for Rolling Stone here.  Really excited to work with them on this.  The Strokes are freakin' awesome, and it's been too long since their last album, so I'm glad to see the new one, ANGLES, out now.

Bit challenging to fit five guys into such a tight vertical space.  I was either going to go really small with them, or really big.  Obviously I went big.  This was produced before the album was released, so we (i.e. me and Steven Charny, art director at RS) didn't have much yet to go on.  So we focused on their oh-so-cool rockstar vibe somewhere vague and abstract.  A big thanks to Steven for his help, and the opportunity to give these guys the moody treatment.



  1. i fell in love of your work it's amazing i'm your fan by now. greetings from mexico

  2. You've got a feature in the print version of CA's Design Annual. Well deserved from what I can see. Time to update your blog?

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